First World Problems

I have many things to do. But I am simply bored out of my mind. These are the things I want to do, and the excuses that I have for them:

  1. Work on [Codename: EY], [Codename OX], [Codename PY], [Codename CN]
I am too lazy to open Eclipse – it means I’ve gotta get out of bed, go to my workstation in my home office, open Eclipse and write code. I’m feeling a bit too lazy for that
  1. Have sex
The booty call(s) are unavailable due to multiple reasons.
  1. Watch Torchwood
Really? 0.1%?
  1. Work work
Dude, you spent 5 days a week building models and reports – you really want to be doing them on a weekend?
  1. Read Reddit/Hacker News
But all the links are purple in colour! I’ve read them all!
  1. Facebook/Twitter/Google+
Nobody is posting any argument baits – I’ve got nobody to argue to
  1. Read Books
I’ve read everything in both my physical and Kindle libraries.  EVERY THING. I don’t want to spend more money getting books, for now
  1. Go out for Portuguese egg tarts.
Really? I’ve gotta get out of bed?

Ugh. I’m just giving excuses to myself aren’t I?

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