Programming Languages as Driving Experiences

So we were just having a chat about programming languages. I was telling my friends, coming from C/C++/Python, how wrong javascript felt, despite having worked on node.js before. PHP felt the same.. something is just… off about those languages. So we decided to compare programming languages to driving cars. Here’s how we compared them (these are the languages we know and have written in them):

Programming Language Feels like...
C driving a old powerful manual sports car
C++ driving a newer model of a powerful sports car. It is however showing its age. It has occasionally useful features like a classessunroof, but isn't really entirely that useful in the larger context.
Lisp-type (clojure, etc) driving a newer model of a powerful sports car with a driving instructor next to you. Also the dials on your dashboard are in another language.
Perl driving an old rickety semi-automatic car with a really advanced HUD on the windscreen that helps you read road signs better.
Java driving a 2-tonne truck. Comes in automatic and manual flavours.
PHP driving an automatic car. Except the gears wouldn't shift when you need it to. Also there is no brake.
Javascript driving an automatic car. There is no dashboard, no gear levers. Someone also just installed a new V8 engine in it and everyone thinks it's the bomb now.
Python driving an automatic electric car. It is an older model though, so it is showing its age a little.
Go driving an automatic electric car. It's the latest Tesla model. It feels fresh, powerful, clean but it is very untested.
Erlang driving James Bond's BMW in Tomorrow Never Dies, controlled by an Ericsson JB988
R driving a farm tractor with voice control. It's very good at ploughing fields... not so good for on-road use

You know what though? All these are vehicles and will get you from point A to point B if you get into the vehicle and drive.

Keep driving. Never stop.

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