Agile All The Things

As part of the rethink of Pressyo, we’ve decided to adopt the agile methodology of running a business. I have my doubts about it (applying agile to running a business), but I was convinced by my cofounders that I actually went to read more about it. One of the people I’ve been following is Daniel B Markham. I’ve followed him since he was a prolific commenter on HN and does write interesting blog posts. But I’ve always glazed over his blog posts on agile. But since my cofounder has convinced me, I basically went out and read everything about agile methodologies that I could get my hands on.

So far I think I have been able to grasp the fundamentals. I’m still not too interested in the details, simply because there are so many variations, and not one variation actually fits our workflow in my opinion. I’m still struggling very hard to see how to apply certain agile-related activity to running a business * To which my cofounder credits it as being ‘baggage’ from the past . But as a fun challenge I thought it would be fun to apply agile on all aspects of my life.

Scrum All The Things!

Last night, while lazing in bed, I suggested to my partner we reboot our relationship. Now, there is nothing inherently wrong with our relationship. We are moving apartments, and thought it’d be cool to start a whole new set of routines in the new place. And since routines affect the relationship, rebooting it would be good. We’d get to know one another all over again.

We spent the night discussing. One of the things we talked about was scrum. We decided that for kicks, we’d have a weekly scrum-like discussion about where our relationship was going and our goals for the week. No discussions on velocity though. This should be interesting.

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