Programming is Fun

This thought came to mind as I was working on various miscellenous devop stuff for new Pressyo projects:

Programming is fun and easy. Software development and engineering is tedious as fuck.

I like to think of myself as a guy who programs for a hobby. I cannot see myself doing everyday what I just spent the last 4 hours doing. Devops is schlep. Sure, things like Vagrant and Docker makes things a lot easier, but it’s still extremely time consuming and quite honestly, soul crushing. Devops isn’t for me. Yes, I know about Chef, Puppet. I love Salt myself. But even then, setting those things up are a pain in the ass and very time consuming.

But besides devops, there are other things that are pain points too: a webapp must be set up to be used for every web facing project we have. Even if a framework is used, a lot of time is spent building out the frontend. Developing frontends is schlep too.

And then somewhere in the deep depths of my memories, I recall a phrase, “a startup is defined by the schlep it is willing to undertake”. And so, I’m jumping in.

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