The Skynet Argument Against Social Media

In The Terminator (1984), Skynet sends a T-800 to terminate Sarah Connor. And the Terminator had to look up a phone book to find three Sarah Connors, because it mainly didn’t know what Sarah Connor looked like or where she lived.

That made sense in 1984. If the records had been destroyed in the war – records can be destroyed because physical drives were expensive and don’t have much capacity. Skynet wouldn’t have known how Sarah Connor looked like, or any other of her personal details. Rewatching The Terminator in 2015, this would have made no sense. If Skynet were made today, it would simply scour the cloud for information about Sarah Connor. And she’d be cleanly terminated.

There you go, kids. Don’t use social media. Arnold Schwartzeneggar and the T-1000 will come kill you.

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