New Blog

For about a month now, this blog has been a static site generated by Hugo. There had been a few issues with my wordpress installation at my previous host, and it left me unable to publish blog posts - they end up in “limbo” - some weird combination of plugins and tables. I had to hunt down all the posts I had published since the problem occured, and manually restore them. There are four posts, but only two were complete. The third and fourth ones had only the historical (hence partial) versions.

Here they are, for what you have missed:

The other two posts are yet to be fully restoreed:

  • Go Puzzlers: A Recap
  • 2016 in Review

I’ll restore them soon enough.

Also, I’ve managed to port all the comments from my old blog to this blog on Disqus. So all the comments should in theory be preserved.

If you find any issues (in particular with LaTeX, or my footnotes, or images/media), please feel free to let me know.

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