Run by a Scientist

The awesome Neil deGrasse Tyson (follow him on Twitter) once said that if you’re scientifically literate, the world looks very different to you. And last night I ate at a place that was very clearly run by a scientist and there are evidence to show for it.

What does an eating place run by a scientist looks like? Firstly, superfluous signs that explain even the obvious. For example, there was a sign that says “Dining Area” (the shop had two entrances – one for takeaways and one for eating in). Under the Dining Area sign there was a smaller sign that said “for eating-in customers, please take a seat in the dining area”

Over at the takeaway area (which I was doing), there were signs explaining the cooking process (something along the lines of “we will take your order, cook it fresh, and box it up and give it to you in the least delay possible”) , there were signs explaining the packing process and advice that the foods taken away should be eaten within 2 hours or stored below 5°C. There were also signs explaning why one should do so. All in all, superfluous signs.

Alas, I had jogged to the place (over 1 hour’s worth of jogging!), I didn’t bring my phone or camera out, hence no images.

I was very amused at the signs defining and explaining some things that were most obvious, and so I had a chat with the proprietor who happened to be handling the takeaways. She was a microbiologist, as was a her husband, and they’ve decided to open a restaurant. The quirks of then coming from a scientific profession isn’t lost on me.

Colour me amused. Also, that was probably the best lamb kotthu roti I’ve had in some time.

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