For Your Curiosity

If you have ever wanted to see how my teeth look like:

That is an x-ray of my teeth. Not the straightest set in the world – no actually it’s pretty crowded. And there is an impacted wisdom tooth on the bottom left. But that’s not the issue.

Over the past 4 days I’ve had a shooting pain go up my left side of the head, and it pretty much originates from the top left of my mouth. All the symptoms (shooting pains, extreme sensitivity to temperature changes, requiring water to cool my mouth down) point to some infected tooth of some sort (and I was and still am dreading having to fork out shit loads of money for a root canal treatment or wisdom tooth removal).

But here’s the problem: the dentist couldn’t find any cavity. And that’s why I had this x-ray taken. My layman eyes can see no cavities (dark patches in white areas) in the upper left hand corner. Can you?

My next dental appointment is on Thursday. The pain really needs to stop before

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